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Millions get unwanted PPI alerts

More than 30 million people have received unwanted messages about claiming for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), according to the figures from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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'One in four' had a meal interrupted by cold PPI call

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau of the 30 million people who were disturbed by an unwanted cold call about mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI):

  • One-in-four people (27%) received their most recent call during a family meal, while around one-in-seven (14%) received the call at work, including during meetings and presentations.
  • Approximately one-in-eight (13%) were disturbed while enjoying a film or watching TV.
  • Texts to mobiles, telephone calls and automate messages were the three most common ways in which people were contacted about PPI claims.
  • Citizens Advice research found 56% of complaints about PPI claims management stemmed from cold calls.

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